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Huff N Kuff Lozenges: Ayurvedic Dry Cough Medicine – Pack of Two
Huff N Kuff Lozenges: Ayurvedic Dry Cough Medicine – Pack of Two
Huff N Kuff Lozenges: Ayurvedic Dry Cough Medicine – Pack of Two
Huff N Kuff Lozenges: Ayurvedic Dry Cough Medicine – Pack of Two
Huff N Kuff Lozenges: Ayurvedic Dry Cough Medicine – Pack of Two

Huff N Kuff Lozenges: Ayurvedic Dry Cough Medicine – Pack of Two

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Huff N Kuff Lozenges are essentially Ayurvedic Healing Lozenges which help treat a cough and throat irritation. Formulated to make the most of the healing properties of 8 choicest herbs, chewing or sucking these dry cough medicine can help soothe the throat by providing instant relief from a cough. The synergistic effect of the herbs used to prepare this dry cough medicine helps prevent the progression of a sore throat to a cough. Moreover, the natural soothing ingredients of these tablets soothe the irritated throat lining while suppressing cough and clearing out the mucus in the airways.

Huff N Kuff Lozenges has also proven effective in different types of cough as well as sore throat. For what it’s worth, this herbal medicine for dry cough also offers relief from a chronic cough which has lasted for over 2 months. When used with cough syrup for dry cough works best when taken along with Dr. Vaidya’s Huff ‘N’ Kuff Syrup.



For ages above 10 – One pill each, 3-4 times a day.
Course: Daily till cough subsides
Huff N Kuff Lozenges is a mouth-dissolvable pill.



Huff N Kuff Lozenges Pills are specially formulated using the below-mentioned herbs to offer relief from regular as well as chronic cough –

Also known as cardamom or the ‘king of spices’, Elaichi also helps to overcome a stubborn sore throat

Referred to as clove, Lavang helps in almost every kind of ailment such as curing toothache, cough, nausea, sinusitis, flatulence, stress, removes acne, treats wounds. It also provides relief from anxiety.

Behda Chal
Bibhitaki is a popular remedy that is known to manage respiratory diseases like cough, sore throat, hoarseness of voice.

Variali (Saunf)
Commonly known as Fennel, Saunf is used in numerous Ayurvedic concoctions for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. It is also an excellent expectorant, diuretic as well as a stimulant.

Derived from the Cutch Tree, Katha is known for offering relief from cough. It is also used in treating various diseases of the skin, along with dental treatments and care.

Commonly called Black Pepper, this herb is known for its cleansing as well as antioxidant properties. A bioavailability enhancer, this Kalameeri helps transport the benefits of other herbs to the different parts of the body.

This prominent Ayurvedic herb is known to provide good strength and immunity to the body. Not only does it provide relief from cough, but also helps restore the voice.

Peppermint Crystals (Menthol)
Menthol also has a cooling effect and can help relieve a sore throat, especially when combined with tea. It is a calming and soothing herb that has been used for thousands of years to aid with upset stomach or indigestion. Peppermint also helps freshen your breath.


Country of Origin: India

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