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Dr. Vaidya's Amla Juice
Dr. Vaidya's Amla Juice
Dr. Vaidya's Amla Juice
Dr. Vaidya's Amla Juice
Dr. Vaidya's Amla Juice

Dr. Vaidya's Amla Juice

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Material Description:  Dr. Vaidya's Amla Juice - 1 Litre

Short Description:  Supports Immunity, Energy & Detoxification

Long Description:  Dr. Vaidya’s Amla Juice is a refreshing herbal beverage that gives you the nourishment of the superfruit amla. Amla is the excellent choice to support immunity, energy, and detoxification.

Botanically classified as Phyllanthus emblica, Amla is regarded as the sacred tree in India. The health benefits of this Indian Gooseberry are innumerable as it is loaded with vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorous, carotene, vitamin B, protein and fibre. It is known to be a very strong anti-oxidant and thus an immunity and energy booster. Amla helps in lowering bad cholesterol and keeps the levels of good cholesterol optimal.It is also extremely beneficial to scalp and hair. It stimulates and also strengthens hair follicles to help you get healthy and strong hair. 

Dr. Vaidya’s Amla Juice is ethically sourced from Rajasthan. We use cold pressed amla to ensure that we get the highest nutritional content. In keeping with our rich Ayurvedic tradition, the Amla Juice is made exclusively with natural ingredients and does not contain any added sugar or artificial colors.



Each 100 ml contains Pure Amla Juice 99.8%, Permitted Class II preservatives less than 0.2%


Dosage: Dilute 30ml of the Juice in 1 glass of water. Consume everyday on an empty stomach in the morning or before meals.



1. Known to be rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and phosphorous making it very nutritious

2. An immunity and energy booster

3. Helps manage hair fall


Country of Origin: India

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