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Amayra Naturals Fit Skinology Hemp Shampoo | 200ml
Amayra Naturals Fit Skinology Hemp Shampoo | 200ml
Amayra Naturals Fit Skinology Hemp Shampoo | 200ml

Amayra Naturals Fit Skinology Hemp Shampoo | 200ml

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  • A Repairing & Nourishing SULPHATE-FREE Hair Cleanser for Healthy Happy Hair
  • It Gently Cleanses as well as Conditions your Hair. 
  • It helps keep a check on Hairfall & Promotes Healthy Hair Growth & Scalp Maintenance.

 Does not Lather as it is devoid of any Harsh Chemicals/Surfactants.

 It's a Great Post-Workout Fix for Sweaty Hair as it is made with 100% Plant Derived Ingredients.

Helps fight hair fall and dry hair due to environmental stress and urban pollution

Repair, & Nourish your Hair & Scalp with Our Green Trio Blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Rosemary & Mint.

 "Repair + Nourishes + Hydrates"

Our "Green Trio Botanicals" enriched Hair Cleanser is suitable for Sweat Prone | Itchy | Normal to Dry to Extremely Dry Scalp Types.

 If : 

  1. You have an Active, Itchy Scalp
  2. You have a Sensitive Scalp
  3. Your Hair is prone to Environmental & Urban Lifestyle Aggressors
  4. You have  to wash your Hair Everyday | You Use Dry Shampoo
  5. You have Damaged & Dull Hair

Fit Skinology's Hair Cleanser is for YOU.

 Botanicals include: BOHECO Hemp Seed Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil (from Bageshwar - Uttarakhand) , Mint, Olive Oil

 How to Use? 

(1) Pump out required quantity on your palm

(2) Mix a Little Water & rub between your palms 

(3) Using your finger massage your scalp with the shampoo

(4) Do Not expect it to Lather like a A Chemical Laced Shampoo 

(5) Massage for 2-3 Minutes 

(6) Rinse Off

(7) Rinse till your Scalp feels Clean

(8) Rub a little quantity into your hair & rinse off

(8) Repeat the process if desired 

 Please note it will take your Scalp & Hair time to Adapt to a Natural & a New Formulation, Continue usage for a week & see the difference. 

Country of Origin: India

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