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FAQs Hemp Seed Oil

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from the Hemp Seeds of the Hemp Plant. Hemp Seeds are then cold-pressed to get the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil.

 How to use hemp seed oil?

Hemp Seed Oil can be added to any meal to make it wholesome. You can add organic Hemp Seed Oil to your salads, parathas, Gajar ka Halwa, hummus, and dips.

 What are the health benefits of hemp seed oil?

Hemp Seed Oil benefits include-

    • Improved immunity
    • Boosts Fat Loss
    • Lowers Cholesterol
    • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
    • Moisturizes Hair and Skin
    • Improves Heart Health

 Is hemp seed oil legal?

Yes, Hemp Seed Oil is absolutely legal and safe.

 Where can I buy hemp seed oil online? 

Click here to buy Hemp Seed Oil online.

 Can I cook with Hemp seed oil?

Hemp Seed Oil is best used in its raw form, which helps keep its properties intact. You can add it to salads, porridge, soup, and khichdi.

 Can Hemp products cause intoxication?

No, you won't get intoxicated by consuming Hemp-based products because it contains a negligible amount of THC, which is the psychoactive factor responsible for inducing a high. Our hemp products go through a rigorous cleaning process, and we also conduct several tests on every batch of hemp seeds before packaging. 

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