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About Canna Essentials

Canna Essentials: Nature's Secret to Health

The Ancient Power Of Hemp!: Canna Essentials is a common online marketplace for Hemp-based products like Hemp seed powder, Hemp seed oil, Hemp-based skin/hair care products, etc. At Canna Essentials, we strive to bring the purest, safest, and most eco-friendly products in the wellness industry. We are dedicated to promoting health and wellness through our wide range of plant-based, non-GMO products. In this e-commerce marketplace, consumers get the power to choose from a wide variety of products. We provide various Hemp Product Brands an opportunity to get their products listed on our website. 

Why Canna Essentials?

Every product listed on our website is third-party laboratory tested to ensure quality and purity. We truly believe in the full potential of Hemp extract and its multiple medicinal and therapeutic benefits. 

  • 100% Natural: Premium Quality, 100% natural Hemp products derived from organic Hemp. 
  • Purity:  Products Undergo Extensive third-party lab testing for Purity and Potency. 
  • Transparency: Know what’s inside your Hemp product. Find the list of all the ingredients on the label itself. 
  • Made in India:  Extracted from Hemp grown in India. 
  • Industry-Best Knowledge: We promote wellness. Contact our experts with your questions. 

Hemp Ayurvedic Remedies: Hemp's medical component, locally known as Vijaya, has always helped the Himalayan communities develop a sustainable lifestyle model. This multipurpose plant finds its use in nutrition, apparel, and wellness. Recent research shows that the Cannabinoids present in Hemp positively interacts with the human Endocannabinoid system (ECS), resulting in extraordinary medicinal benefits. The ECS is a system responsible for regulating and sharpening physical and cognitive processes. Push away the chemicals and embrace the organic gifts of nature. 

Start your day with the 'Nature's Secret to Health!'

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