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Why Is Hemp Essential for Your Mental Health?

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Hemp is known to have many benefits for our body. It can help cure severe diseases, improve heart health and move, suppress anxiety, fights depression, and so on. Adding hemp seed or oil to your daily diet can improve your overall physical and mental health. Out of several advantages of consuming hemp regularly, here are a few worth noticing - 

Hemp seeds may boost muscle mass.

Let go of the protein powders and include protein-enriched hemp to your diet to gain muscle mass. As per the research, hemp seeds contain essential amino acids, unlike most plant-based protein sources, making hemp a complete protein supplement. Three tablespoons of a pure hemp product contain 10 grams of protein—the same amount of protein you will find in an expensive protein bar or three ounces of cottage cheese.

Hemp Ayurvedic products are a known source of energy.

Hemp seeds also contain some percentage of complex carbohydrates (about a gram per tablespoon), responsible for releasing glucose in the bloodstream, as per the studies, and preventing the dreaded energy spike and subsequent crash.

Hemp may also help in losing weight.

A person loses weight when their daily calorie intake is less than the number of calories they burn. Hemp seeds oil alone may not help you get over those fats in your body. However, you can replace fattier proteins in your diet with hemp seed to prevent extra calories going into your body. 

There are different types of hemp products that contain fewer calories without comprising the concentration of protein, which can help in weight loss. For example, hemp milk contains fewer carbohydrates and sugar than dairy milk. You can add Ayurvedic Essentials hemp protein powder in your smoothies to control appetite.

Hemp can get you going for a longer time.

As studies suggest, fiber is found in abundance in hemp seeds, which is essential for supplying energy to your body and keeping you full for hours. Adding hemp seeds, hearts, or milk to your early morning meal could keep that mid-morning hunger away. Make sure you drink plenty of water to prevent the fiber from accumulating in your GI tract.

Hemp can help restore sleep.

Hemp contains a significant amount of magnesium, responsible for calming the body and relaxing muscles. It's recommended that you consume a normal serving a few hours before going to bed to get good quality sleep.

Hemp may help cure Anemia.

Lack of iron in the body results in Anemia. Anemia can lead to several complexities like fatigue, chest pain, and dizziness, to name a few. As hemp contains iron in abundance, hemp products can be consumed to limit the effects or even cure Anemia.

Hemp improves heart health.

Adding Ayurvedic products like hemp seeds or hemp powder into your diet can help prevent heart disease, keep arteries open, and maintain blood pressure, thanks to the presence of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp also contains a significant amount of arginine, which turns into nitric oxide in the body, improving heart health.

Hemp may help cure PMS symptoms.

The essential fatty acids (EFA) present in hemp may help control PMS woes, like mood swings, craving for something, etc. Studies suggest that women who took two grams of EFAs daily for six months experienced a decrease in pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms. The same amount of EFAs is present in a single serving of hemp oil or hemp seeds.



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