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The Beauty Of Cannabis And The Science Behind It - PART 1

The legalization of cannabis brought about advancement in its medical research and recreational uses. Besides these benefits, cannabis has certain qualities that can make par with the best skincare products on the planet. The human body has receptors that protect it against harmful natural substances. These receptors, known as cannabinoid receptors, are the birthplace of the beauty benefits of cannabis, which are explained below:

Benefits of Cannabis

The reason behind the legalization of cannabis is its medicinal benefits. Many claim that cannabis can have positive effects on people’s overall health. This is why some people choose the best strains to grow cannabis.

1. Anti-inflammatory Benefits

Most people who receive prescripts of cannabis are because of inflammation causing chronic pain. Inflammation is the outcome of the backfiring of the body's immune system provoking damage to its tissues.

The good news is that cannabis's healing abilities involve chronic pain alone and the beauty-related inflammation, such as face rashes and bumps. This analysis is the basis of a study showing how cannabis seeds treat acne. The THC and CBD cannabinoids own excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which also triggers CB2 receptors.

2. Hair Growth Stimulant

One of the causes of malnourishment and hair loss is the environmental factors, such as the weather conditions. Low and High temperatures can dry your hair due to moisture loss from changing weather. Hair loss is a nightmare, especially when you want to have a trendy hairstyle today. Oil from hemp seed is a natural product of cannabis that stimulates hair growth, as it has fatty acids and vitamins to do so. It also has notable amounts of protein, making your nails and hair stronger and preventing the scalp from drying.

One proof that cannabis can help hair growth is its ability to improve blood circulation in the scalp. Lastly, it also enhances the hair's natural elasticity without breaking it.

3. Quick Skin Absorption

One of the prominent parts of your body is the skin, as it is the main part that needs to get nourished. All of the skincare products that you apply on your skin can profoundly affect the hormonal and chemical processes inside the body, impacting your overall appearance.

Cannabis has a different fragrance that comes from a compound called terpenes. By applying topicals of marijuana, this compound makes your skin more porous and allows your skin to absorb beauty cosmetics faster. The faster the skin absorbs the product's nutrients, the quicker the product's effect will be. Thus, if you want to get faster results from your beauty products, apply cannabis topicals before your skincare routine.

4. The Omega Effect

The body malfunctions without omega fatty acids from protein-rich foods. Unlike other omega products, cannabis topical contains not only omega-3 but also omega-6, and 9. Here are the differences between these three:

  • Omega-3 - regulates blood clotting on the skin, by giving off a smoother appearance
  • Omega-6 - protects your skin from sunburn by keeping it moisturized. It also helps your skin to glow, which results in a more youthful look, as long as you avoid harmful rays that can result in wrinkles and cancer.
  • Omega-9 - helps to maintain your hair and skin radiance and suppleness. It also helps to get rid of dandruff from your scalp while promoting hair growth.

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