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Strongest & Best CBD Products Under Rs 5000

CBD or cannabidiol, a chemical compound and one of several cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. The popular ingredient in oils, topicals, and even cosmetics. CBD does not cause you high typically associated with cannabis use. The real reason for high is another cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Many people are curious about products, and regular consumers wonder about the most potent CBD oil available on the market. In the blog, we provide you with the strongest & best CBD products under Rs 5000 that benefit you. 

Following are the Strongest & Best CBD Products Under Rs 5000 in India:

  • Bottled Poetry Nano CBD Elixir Tropical Mango 1000Mg: The latest and newest flavour CBD oil possessing 1000mg of CBD. The organic CBD formula is a potent source of all-natural properties including, minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Nano CBD oil assist in the stimulation of your body's endocannabinoid system, which help promotes balance and daily well-being. Elixir 1000mg oil includes the perfect 1:3 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 and essential vitamins like Vitamin E. With the pump n go technology- a better delivery system than the average dropper. Tropical mango flavour will make you feel nostalgic about your best moments. It eliminates contamination, gets an exact dose each time, eliminates oxidization. 
  • Bottled Poetry Nano CBD Elixir Tropical Strawberry 1000Mg: The nano CBD Oil Strawberry flavour is an organic and strong potent source of all-natural properties. Strawberry is the best flavour you will taste. The pump n go technology lets you take two pumps, that is 1ml. It reduces contamination, gets an exact dose each time, and reduces oxidization. It is broad-spectrum CBD Oil and water-soluble. 
  • Bottled Poetry Nano CBD Elixir Tropical Peppermint 1000Mg: The Nano organic CBD oil is a potent source of all-natural properties, including minor cannabinoids, cofactors and terpenes. The elixir has pump n go technology that lets you take the exact 1ml in two pumps. The peppermint flavour helps in easy digestion upsets, relieve tension headaches, freshen your breath, relieve clogged sinuses, improve energy, help relieve menstrual cramps, fight bacterial infections, and improves your sleep. 
  • Qurist StrongBerry Blast CBD-30ml: the broad-spectrum CBD Oil, Berry Blast flavour is THC-free, organic, vegan, gluten-free, third-party-tested, ethically sourced, and non-GMO. The berry blast flavour CBD Oil is effective when consumed orally, i.e., sublingually. It is a natural and home wellness solution for many issues such as pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress and tension. 
  • Qurist Strong Natural Flavour CBD-30ml: the natural flavour Qurist Strong CBD oil brings you home and wellness solutions to problems such as pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, worry and many more. The organic, vegan, pet-friendly, gluten-free, third-party tested, ethically sourced, non-GMO and 100% THC-free. Broad-Spectrum Oil is powerful when consumed orally, i.e., sublingually. 
  • Qurist Strong Himalayan Tulsi CBD-30ml: the Himalayan tulsi flavour CBD is a natural home wellness solution that inspires and high efficacy, bioavailable CBD formulations curated with passion. The organic, pet-friendly, third-party-tested, vegan, 100% THC-free, no harsh solvent, non-GMO, and ethically sourced CBD oil is a great way to start your day with 2ml initially and gradually increase or decrease the dose. 
  • Cannavedic CBD Isolate Tincture ICY Mint 30ml: The isolate CBD Tincture ICY Mint by Cannavedic is formulated using CBD isolate and organic coconut MCT Oil. It is THC-free & perfect for reducing stress, anxiety, worry, helps in enhancing sleep, mood and reduces inflammation and pain. Also helps the body to balance health. 
  • Cannavedic CBD Isolate Tincture Bavarian Cream 30ml: The isolate CBD Tincture Bavarian Cream flavour is pure, THC-free, perfect for daily serving during day and night. Lab-tested, premium quality, vegan, and do not have an intoxicating effect. It helps you in giving sound sleep, regulates metabolism, aids in reducing body inflammation and pain. 
  • Cannavedic CBD Isolate Tincture Natural 30ml: The 30ml Isolate CBD Tincture Natural flavour is pure and organic CBD oil for pain-reducing, enhancing beauty sleep, and reducing stress, anxiety and daily worry.


Everyone responds differently to CBD, so it is advisable to use CBD products at a lower dose. Get the strongest product from the list as mentioned above at an online store, canna essentials. Explore more hemp, CBD and wellness products. 


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