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Celebrate 7th International Yoga Day in 2021 with Sustainable Yoga Accessories


Yoga Day

Celebrate 7th International Yoga Day on Monday, June 21st, 2021. Mark your calendars to celebrate the value of yoga for physical, emotional and mental health. June 21st is observed to be the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere. 

This day is a turning point for the entire planet. Each International Yoga Day features a different theme every year. This year, "Yoga for well-being" is much relevant for our society, seeing the recovering from the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. 

The Yoga day is marked to raise awareness about its positive effects on our life. More and more people are practicing yoga to improve daily life and putting life into more focus. 

To perform effective yoga asanas, you need good quality yoga accessories that can greatly increase your comfort, alignment, focus and motivation. 

Explore Few Sustainable Yoga Accessories 

There are plenty of yoga accessories manufacturers in society, but Orenda India and svech are known for sustainable, 100% natural, eco-friendly products.

Yoga MatThe anti-bacterial yoga mats by Orenda India are ultra-weight and compact, easy to carry, odor resistant, reversible, non-slip, durable and washable. 

Other manufactures of yoga mats, svech. The mat is designed keeping in mind the elements of nature and the universe. They are made from natural and recyclable materials with beautiful designs to make your yoga practice more fun. The top layer of micro-fibers is sweat absorbent and non-slip surface to provide perfect grip to attain the right postures with ease. 100% natural eco-rubber underlayer keeps your mat rooted to nature. 

Orenda India Square Meditation PillowWe need a comfortable, high-quality meditation pillow to rest our heads on for consistent sleep, undisturbed practice for long durations. The square shape of the pillow provides stability and keeps the spine supported. It is filled with natural buckwheat hull that contours the hip bones. 

Orenda India Meditation CushionThe comfortable cushions give relaxation to you when doing meditation for long hours. The Cork cushion is sustainable, and buckwheat provides a warm and soft feel. It naturally resists odours, recyclable, vegan-friendly and adds comfort to performing meditation.

Svech Yoga Cork BrickYoga blocks are swiss army knives of the yoga world. They are the most creative tools with the simplicity of design, making them perfect for your yoga practice. It helps find your balance in standing pose, add extra length, fine-tune your poses. It is useful for anyone who has just begun and needs support for flexibility during yoga practice. 

Orenda India Cotton Yoga BeltA cotton yoga belt helps achieve the right posture and support your practice. The metallic buckles are firm and are easy to adjust. The wonderful yoga prop for extending and lengthening your reach. It provides a firm grip, allows stretching perfectly and completely vegan-friendly. 

Yoga Mat BagThe perfect yoga bag with a drawstring opening to easily slide your yoga mat. Easy to carry, keeps your yoga away from dust, comfortable on shoulder, vegan, 100% cotton, durable, and enough space to keep other accessories. 

Yoga Cart WheelIt helps enhance your yoga practice by assisting you with better balance, backbends, yoga poses and more. It helps improve flexibility, balance, improves core strength, opens your shoulders, and chest and helps release the muscle tension in your back. It also helps in practicing move deeper into postures, specifically heart opening postures like backends and forearm balances. 

Orenda India Cork Massage Roller Large/Small: You may relieve soreness and tightness in your muscles with a cork big roller. The smooth texture, size and contoured edges make it very comfortable to grip. The cork roller's high density and big size give a deep massage, easy to carry and eco-friendly with the soft texture of cork gently massages the sore muscles is the yoga accessory you must acquire. 

Orenda India Cork Massage BallYou can give yourself a massage every day with the cork massage ball. Experience relaxation and de-stress your body while doing your part of the environment with cork massage balls. It improves your blood circulation, relieves tightness, eases joint and muscle pain, increases flexibility, works out any knots and decreases soreness.

Final Words

Now that you know how important yoga and its accessories are, you can avail them easily online from canna essentials. All the sustainable, eco-friendly and anti-bacterial accessories are best for daily yoga practice. 


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