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Can Hemp Oil Help You Grow Hair?

Hemp oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and analgesic properties. It is also known for its therapeutic benefits. Hemp oil also has components that are capable of improving your skin's overall texture and condition when applied topically or taken. These are some of the benefits that many people know regarding hemp oil. However, less to none research was available on the relationship between hemp oil and hair loss. This is what, till a recent study highlighted that hemp oil helps prevent hair loss and helps replenish it.


Does Hemp Oil Really Help With Hair Growth?

Yes, it is. The hemp seed oil, if rubbed into the scalp, will enter the hair follicle where the essential fatty acids, and particularly arachidic acid, actually help to grow more hair by producing more hair follicles.

Also, the THC in marijuana causes the early death of hair. Whereas the CBD in marijuana and CBD oil will prevent that early hair loss. Since marijuana has high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, that could be one reason for hair loss.

Why Use Ayurvedic Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil today has revolutionized the hair care industry. Most hair care products work on the surface, but hemp oil works from within. The oil helps control your body's natural thermostat, which regulates all the systems of your body. It helps fight inflammation, too, to a certain extent. This has a positive effect on your vital organs, skin, and hair. Hemp oil has an abundance of Vitamin E that helps restore the damaged cells of the scalp. It promotes better circulation, which leads to improving the quality of your hair and its immune system. If you apply hemp oil topically, it can help avoid skin diseases like eczema, seborrhea dermatitis, and psoriasis. These skin diseases can affect the look and feel of your hair. Other critical essential nutrients like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids help enhance your overall body functioning, including hair growth and maintaining good health.

Each strand of hair is made up of a shaft, root, and bulb; the shaft is what we see easily, the root is partially concealed, and the bulb is buried deep below the root, but each of these components is about 90 percent keratin. To keep hair strong, keratin relies on a healthy dose of vitamins, mostly three essential fatty acids: Omega-3, -6, and -9, and fortunately, cannabis-derived hemp oil is high in each, as well as vitamin-E.


While diet plays a very important role in the maintenance of hair but a natural Ayurvedic supplement like hemp oil can help you reverse the damage due to lifestyle problems and environmental factors. It is, however, important to consult a dermatologist before you start using hemp-based products. is one of the largest online marketplaces for hemp products in India. Check out our website to know more about hemp oil, hemp hearts, and hemp oil for hair. To buy Ayurvedic hemp oil online, visit our website. Let's revive wellness and improve lives!



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