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An Overview of Cannabis and Its Benefits

The number of Cannabis enthusiasts has consistently increased due to its numerous medicinal and therapeutic benefits. However, not many people are aware of the usage and benefits of Cannabis or Hemp products in India. Let's find out why its rapidly gaining popularity.


Contrary to what most people believe it to be, it isn't Weed, Pot, Grass, or Stuff meant for intoxication. In fact, our products are derived from hemp, which is the male plant of the cannabis Sativa species. This plant consists of a slight touch of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that induces an altered mental state.

So don't worry! It is not going to get you high. It's not a drug that can be used for recreational purposes. It has astonishing medical benefits, and using it regularly can significantly improve your physical and mental wellness.


It is a naturally occurring compound found in the leaves, flowers, and stem of hemp and cannabis plants. Once extracted and refined, it can be suspended in liquid tinctures, compounded into creams and lotions, or fixed as solid crumbles or liquids intended to be ingested by smoking or vaping.

However, it will not make you high as it's not a psychoactive compound. It is not a substance to be used for recreational purposes. Its primary use is to promote physical and mental health and wellness.

Hemp oil which is derived from hemp seeds is not an efficient source of cannabidiol.


The cannabidiol compound stimulates receptors as serotonin and adenosine, which are responsible for mood-enhancing and central nervous system regulation, resulting in a better mood and a stable mind. It can also suppress the brain's perception of pain and reduce nausea by activating the specific 5-HT1A receptor. This is very helpful for patients with chronic diseases.

Hemp can also reduce the effect THC has on a user. This is welcome news for those who are more interested in exploring the medical benefits of cannabis rather than the getting high part.


Cannabis has been found effective in reducing stress, pain, and anxiety and helps uplifts your mood. Many users have reported that a small dosage intake of it makes them feel more alert and focused.

It has proven to lessen the frequency and austerity of epileptic seizures, resulting in a smaller number of weekly seizures in many people.

Even healthy individuals are taking the benefit of the cannabidiol. Extract Labs (and other producers) prepare local products such as creams which have proven to help reduce soreness and swelling due to physical injury.

There are no major side effects of Cannabis-based products. Neither will it make you high, nor will it impact your decision making in any manner. However, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not use these products.

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