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A Covid-19 Update From Canna-Essentials Family To Yours

An update about Covid-19

To Our Beloved Customers,

Who might have thought a month ago we would be the place we are now. At the time when we started to hear whispering of Covid-19 a few months ago, no-one envisioned the effect it would have on the whole world. 

Situations like this can exhibit the most noticeably awful and best in people. We have witnessed people fighting for toilet roll while the old & vulnerable watch on with an empty basket. We have also seen over 500,000 volunteers to help the NHS, to ease the pressure on our beloved health service and the people who serve it.

Things are still so uncertain that it is hard to think about what to do. All we can do is keep healthy, safe, and protect those who are most vulnerable and those holding our country up. To those people, we say thank you.

And we must remember that out of dark times can come good. The global scale-back on mass consumerism and production is already easing some of the strain placed upon our planet. We can only hope this isolation period from the world will give people a chance to reflect on previous purchasing habits. When they buy, they do so sustainably, to consider our planet and the fragility and future of humanity before carrying on the way we lived before this crisis.

Here at Canna Essentials we are able to continue to serve you. Those who are able to, are now working from home.

We have good stock levels and a relatively uninterrupted supply chain, meaning we can continue to dispatch hemp products to you when you need it.

It may take a little longer than normal for orders to reach you though. With less staff at Canna Essentials it takes abit more time to prepare orders and although our partners have pledged to continue to serve you, there may be a few interruptions to services depending on where in the country you live. Please also bare with us if you have contacted our customer services, we’re spread fairly thin but we’re trying our best to deliver to you and will reach you as soon as possible.

Take care, stay healthy, stay indoors, be safe. Love from Canna Essentials

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