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How Surekha Life Changed With Hemp?

Surekha is a school teacher. The hectic lifestyle of the school teacher is similar to that of a housewife. When you are a female, it becomes difficult for you to find your self-time. All your time is for others, that is, your family and friends. The same time problem started with Surekha. She began to have less self-time for herself when she entered the professional world. Now, when she could not find sufficient time for herself, she started to have many problems. The very first problem she faced was weight put gain. Weight gain is widespread among females and among youngsters.

Top Reasons What Causes Weight Gain

The big reason for gaining weight is not having enough self-time to do any physical task. Other reasons why surekha or any other start to gain weight are many. Here are a few of them listed:

  • WillPower: a misconception that weight gain is due to a lack of willpower not to work out for maintaining the weight is not valid. Many times when you are a school teacher or housewife, you give more time to others. Mostly wrong eating, overeating, overthinking, less sleep, and other lifestyle behavior determine your weight getting disturbed. 
  • Genetics: A powerful component of weight gain is genetics. If you are a child of an obese parent, your chances of being obese are high. It doesn't mean obesity is predetermined. The weight gain largely depends on what you eat as a significant effect you will see is on your genes. Therefore it's advised to improve your food habits by adding hemp protein powder. 
  • Junk food: Junk food or stored, processed food is not right for your body when you want to get rid of extra fat on your body. Junk or processed food leads to overeating. Wrong eating is nothing, but not taking the right food is a big reason why surekha started to gain weight.

Hemp Introduction to Surekha Changed Her Life

When surekha was getting ready for another teacher's day celebration at school, she noticed extra fat on her body. She talked to her one of the close friend, that introduces her to organic hemp seeds. Her friend mentioned many benefits of hemp seeds as they are highly nutritious, rich in omega 3 and omega 6, all the essential amino acids that are not present in our daily meal. The high protein content and the fiber of hemp keep the stomach full and digestion also good. 

After taking hemp regularly in her diet for a few days and months, she noticed a change in weight. Hence, her lifestyle change for the better as now she can maintain the weight. She is very grateful to her friend, who introduced hemp to her.

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