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Try The Delicious Homemade Hemp-Hearts Butter

This appetizing homemade Hemp hearts butter recipe is made using only ONE ingredient!
If you think why I am so obsessed with hemp hearts- well, they genuinely are a small nutritious powerhouse of an ingredient! – Which makes a difference! But my main reason for loving them so much is that they are an easy way to add extra protein to any course.
With a tablespoon of hemp hearts holding 3g of protein, they are something I use the most.
In spite of the fact that hemp hearts have a somewhat nutty flavor, there are a lot of delicious ways to flavor this butter. Many of which are the same ways you would flavor your favorite nut butter as well.

  • A simple way is to add some Vanilla powder or Vanilla extract in the butter.
  • Add Cinnamon, as it works well in pretty much every hemp heart butter. You can combine it with a natural sweetener as per your choice.
  • For a simple, sweet version of your butter, add your favorite natural syrup of choice.
  • Try to make a delicious chocolate version of your butter with some cocoa powder. Everything tastes good with chocolate!


  • 1.5 cups hemp hearts


  •  Blend the hemp heart in a high-speed blender or processor. It's good to do so at intervals, so the seeds and processor don't overheat. For a smooth hemp heart butter, blend it for 5-6 minutes, with a gap of every 2-3 minutes.
  • Once the homemade hemp heart butter is prepared, transfer it to an airtight glass container and store this in the fridge for one month. It can also be frozen if you want to use it longer.

Hemp heart butter can be used in the same ways as other nuts and seed butter. This means being a simple spread for your fruit and toast.

I personally enjoy spreading a little bit over a piece of dark chocolate as a healthy snack before bed.

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